Weight loss Therapy

If you are struggling to lose weight and unhappy with your body hypnotherapy can most definitely help. Working with your unconscious mind we reprogram your thinking, enabling you to feel fuller after smaller portions, to enjoy healthy nutritious food and take away the desire to binge eat. Working on your body image and self esteem we ensure you feel confident in your body and your ability to tackle this issue. 

Depending on your weight, BMI and body fat percentage a course of weight loss hypnotherapy will be determined. If your BMI is high you may qualify for Gastric Band hypnotherapy. All therapies are 100% safe and can be as effective as the actual surgical procedure. 

You will be given nutritional and fitness advice to aid you in your weight loss journey, this along with hypnotherapy will result in you developing a new relationship with food. You will begin to naturally enjoy smaller portions of healthy foods which nourish your body instead of harming it. If you find exercise difficult we can also remove any blocks and leave you with the motivation to take care of your body.

Weight loss therapy is performed over a series of 4 sessions for maximum effectiveness, although you will experience the effects after just one session! 

  • Appetite Reduction

  • Gastric Band

  • Gastric Bypass

  • Metabolism Increase

  • Motivation to exercise

  • Binge eating

  • Self esteem

  • Body Image

  • Confidence