Treatments Available

Hypnotherapy can be used to address a number of issues- if your issue is listed please click to learn more if not contact via email me at for further information on how hypnotherapy could help you.

How does it work?


I use a number of different therapeutic methods including hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, in order to achieve the best result for each client. During the consultation we will discuss your reasons for attending and take a brief history of your life in order to get a complete picture of any other issues surrounding your problem. You will then be placed in a relaxed trance like state and hypnotherapy will commence.

A combination of curative and suggestive hypnotherapy is used to question the subconscious mind, we find the cause of your problem, then deal with the symptoms. Working with the subconscious mind we can stimulate great change, 

creating new responses and behaviour within a person and change negative thought patterns, attitudes, or feelings.

What is the Subconscious Mind?

If we think of our brain like a computer, our subconscious mind (also referred to as the unconscious) is the huge memory bank of that computer. It permanently stores everything that has ever happened to you, ensuring that the way you respond in situations is based on the programming it has received. In hypnotherapy we aim to change that programming based on your current situation, releasing any old patterns of behaviour that are no longer beneficial, enabling you to move forward with your life.

The unconscious mind, as well storing all our memories, works with the autonomic nervous system which controls the bodily function of fight or flight under stress and vegetative functions such as nutritional, metabolic, and endocrine functions including eating, sleeping, menstruation, bowel function, bladder activity, and sexual performance.

These subconscious areas can be controlled by hypnosis while the conscious mind is in a relaxed state. This is why hypnotherapy can treat such a wide range of issues from childhood trauma, to fear of public speaking to sexual issues and sleep problems.

Cost of Treatment

The cost of treatment is €60 per hour.

Simple suggestion therapy will take 1 hour to complete. Suggestion therapy replaces previous patterns of behaviour or thinking with new healthy habits. You will be provided with a recording of your session which you can then listen to at least once a week to reaffirm these new thought patterns and strengthen the affects of the therapy.

Age regression therapy plus suggestion therapy will take approximately 2 hours to complete. This involves a deeper level of hypnosis in which you are taken back to the 'origin of distortion' where the issue first developed (usually before the age of 7). We then deal with the root cause of the issue enabling you to fully release and move forward.

Age regression therapy plus Past life regression will take between 2 to 3 hours. Here you will experience an even deeper level of hypnosis as we take you back through this life, through the womb and beyond into past lives.