Stop Smoking


Smoking addiction is a habit, a habit being defined as something that you do regularly, sometimes without knowing you are doing it. Habits are held at the unconscious level of our minds.

Do you ever find yourself lighting up a cigarette without even realising?

Buying cigarettes after deciding the last packet would be your last?  

Accepting a cigarette in a social situation when you have already quit?

If you answered yes then smoking is most definitely a habit ingrained into your unconscious. Therefore even if you make the conscious decision to quit smoking, you will find it difficult because your unconscious programming thinks it is helping you by reminding you to smoke. 

In Hypnotherapy we speak to the unconscious part of your mind whilst you are in a relaxed trance like state. We replace old habits with new healthy choices and take away the desire to smoke. Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy alongside hypnotherapy we explore your triggers and your motivation for stopping smoking. You will leave the session feeling confident and able to tackle your addiction with ease and little effort.