Soul Therapy

What is Soul Therapy?

The unconscious mind stores everything that has ever happened to you, not just the events of this lifetime but those of past lives also. Using hypnotherapy we can communicate with your unconscious mind, explore these past lives and if necessary release any blockages you may have carried over into this life.


Whether there is a specific issue you would like to explore, or you are simply curious about connecting with your spiritual side I am happy to help you in your process of inner exploration. 


I advise those wishing to experience spiritual hypnotherapy to start a meditation practice and practise visualisation techniques before your appointment in order to obtain maximum results. There are lots of excellent guided meditations on Youtube that you can use as an aid if you are unfamiliar with meditation.


Soul Therapy includes:

Chakra Alignment

Balancing the chakra system, releasing any blockages in order to create mental and emotional well-being. Promoting spiritual and personal growth as you release stale energy from the body enabling life to become more balanced. 

Inner Child Therapy

Using regression techniques we take you back in time to release any sub-personalities that may have formed due to events you experienced in the past. We then reintegrate these personalities back into your whole being and ensure that forgiveness is granted to yourself or any other person that may have been involved in the event which caused the fracture to occur.

Finding your Spirit Guide

Hypnotherapy to connect with your higher self and any loving spirit guides that here to support you during this lifetime.

Dream Code Therapy

The unconscious communicates with our conscious mind regularly during dreams. Sometimes these messages can be hard to decipher and confusing as to their true meaning. Using a specially devised alphabet dream code we provide your unconscious mind with a method of communication that will you provide you with a clear message. 

Past Life Regression, DNA Healing, Genetic Lines, Karmic Wheel

Using the deepest level of hypnosis we can take you back through the womb to explore your past lives. New advanced past life regression techniques have been developed to help you release any blocks that are holding you back in this life which may stem from previous lives. We take a look at the karmic cycles you may be stuck in and request you be released from any life contracts you have made which no longer serve you. We can explore your genetic lines, looking at patterns that are repeated within your family in previous generations that are effecting you today. We explore your Karmic Wheel showing which tribes/religious/ social groups you have had a connection to and release any beliefs you inherited from these groups that may be holding you back in this life.


Taking you back to your life between lives, meeting your soul group, elders and finding out your souls purpose.