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Its been a while...

All my good intentions to get this blog off the ground seemed to fall by the way side as I have been a very busy bee this year..so lets do a little update.

Back in April I spent an amazing month in Costa Rica completing my 500hr Yoga Teacher Training qualification with Authentic Movements, led by Steph Gongora and Erin Kelly. Wow what an experience that was! Costa Rica is truly a magical place the energy is unreal and spending a month in the jungle was awe inspiring. Connecting with nature and seeing so many creatures that I had only ever experienced on wildlife programmes was surreal, from giant frogs and giant flying crickets to monkeys hanging round the trees at the beach and crocodiles in the rivers. I can't wait to return one day and share the experience with my family.

Summer past so quickly as I was busy running all over the region teaching yoga classes at different studies. I made the difficult decision to quit my studio classes in July, something I really didn't want to do but financially it made no sense as it was costing me money to teach. A 1hr lesson would take up 3hrs of my time, which meant after paying childcare, petrol and road tolls, I was left out of pocket. However the joys I experience while teaching definitely make up for the lack of financial rewards, which is what made the decision to stop such a difficult one. I kept my class at the community centre which I love and shifted my focus to alternative methods of teaching. Which meant I finally had the time to get my YouTube channel up and running...

I am so happy to be able to provide hypnotherapy sessions and yoga classes on my YouTube channel, having this new creative outlet, being able to share all that I have learnt and continue to learn during my own yoga journey. Make sure you subscribe and press the alert button to be notified of new content.

I've also been busy working with the online Hypno language website Hypnoledge providing the English content to this website so if you like me are struggling to learn a foreign language give this site a chance I'm sure you will see a rapid improvement in your ability to learn and retain whatever new language you wish you try your hand at.

2020 will see the arrival of my Yoga Hypno course Illuminate- working in collaboration with the app Elate Wellbeing I can not wait to release this new content I have been working so hard on. It really will be an amazing program based on clearing all the chakras and releasing blocks to help people live a happier and healthier life. I will talk more about this in an upcoming blog post.

And the final project I have been working on this year is the renovation of my own studio The Yoga House (click the link to follow the developments of this on instagram) crossing all fingers and toes that we will be ready to open for March 2020.

Life is busy and full and I wouldn't want it any other way... I hope you are all well and enjoying life with all its infinite potential....

Let love lead the way


Laura Helm

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