Mood and Emotions

When at the mercy of our emotions we can sometimes feel helpless, whether we experience uncontrollable anger and rage or depression and negative thinking, it can be difficult to imagine how we can control our emotional responses. We accept these behaviours as part of our personality. When in actual fact you can challenge these emotions and the behaviours that result due to them, by reprogramming our unconscious mind. 

During the session we revisit past traumatic events and release any trapped sub personalities which may have formed. These sub personalities could be controlling the way you behave in certain situations. The sub personality believes it is helping you, protecting you from harm by creating this defence mechanism, when in reality it is not useful to experience such extreme emotional reactions. 

If you are suffering from depression we can help change the habit of negative thinking and teach self hypnosis so you can work daily on changing your thought pattern. Creating new neuro-pathways in your brain focusing on positivity and joy. You are not your thoughts, your thoughts are not truth, if your thought pattern is destructive to your emotional well-being then it is time to take control and become a happier you.

Some of the many emotional issues that can be treated with Hypnotherapy include:

  • Anger Management

  • PMT

  • Home sickness

  • Grief Therapy

  • Childhood Trauma

  • Depression

  • Negative Thinking

  • Stress


I had been suffering from stress and anxiety for a few years due to the pressures of a very demanding job and juggling this with being a mum. I'd had enough of feeling the way I felt and wanted to gain some practical coping strategies rather than give up on my career. I turned to Laura for some Hypnotherapy. At first I felt a bit skeptical but after consulting with Laura about my feelings and triggers of stress and anxiety, I started to feel this could work. The session was fantastic. I was relaxed, open minded and fully on board to listen to what she had to say. I have only had one session and I can honestly say, hand on heart, I feel much better and capable of dealing with situations that trigger or cause my stress and anxiety...

Sally, 33

We are in the process of collecting statistical data here at Level Up and appreciate your feedback in terms of our success rate. All testimonies used are kept confidential, details such as names and sex will be changed. 

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