Anxiety and Phobias

Everyone can feel anxious from time to time, it’s a natural emotion. It is easy to feel nervous when faced with a challenging situation out of your comfort zone. But it is in facing these challenging situations that we are able to grow and become aware of exactly what we are capable of. Situations such a taking a driving test, exams, public speaking or when making life changing decisions can be times of great anxiety. Hypnotherapy can certainly help in all these situations and help you to reframe your thinking, taking the stress out of upcoming situations.


Then there are anxiety disorders, this pattern of continuing anxiety causes great distress interfering with the persons ability to lead a normal life. Worry and fear can be constant, 

overwhelming, and at times disabling. Hypnotherapy will teach you how to manage those feelings, introduce a feeling of calmness when faced with a trigger situation and help you get back to a fulfilling life. Self hypnosis is also taught so you can practise entering this calm, relaxed state on a regular basis and take back control of your life.

Some of the many anxiety issues treated with Hypnotherapy include:

  • Panic Attacks

  • Social Anxiety

  • General Anxiety

  • Public Speaking

  • Driving test

  • Phobias/Fears

  • OCD

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Sexual Anxiety


I have suffered with anxiety for the past 10 years. I started experiencing panic attacks when I thought I wouldn't be able to access a toilet, this then developed into enclosed or crowded spaces. In meetings I would need to make sure I was next to the door, if not I would become faint. It was really debilitating, crowded places would totally stress me out and I would ruin all family outings. After two hypnotherapy sessions with Laura I have to say I feel amazing, I can use all the techniques to calm myself down, the anxiety feeling comes but it doesn't escalate- I can control it. I am finally in control.

– Peter, 36

I came to Laura for help with a type of social anxiety, whenever I was in large groups of people I would immediately go quiet and felt quite threatened. During the session Laura regressed me back to various points in my childhood where this had stemmed from. After having the session, the next day I was put to the test and I couldn't believe how confident I felt, my boyfriend was in shock! Whatever it was it worked! Thanks Laura 

_ Jayne 36

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