Addiction Therapy

Facing addiction can seem like a hopeless task. The fact that you are looking into therapy shows that all hope is not lost. If you want to make a change and address your damaging behaviour hypnotherapy can certainly help you with this.

The hold that addiction has over you is 90% psychological. Addressing this through the help of your subconscious mind will give you the advantage that regular therapy can not provide. Using your ideo-motor responses we can ascertain if the cause of the addiction stems from an issue in your past, if certain sub personalities were formed during a traumatic period of your life we can reintegrate these and enable you to move forward with your life. You will be free to make healthy life choices and live the life you want. 

Below are some of the many addictions that can be treated using hypnotherapy

  •  Addictive Personality

  •  Alcohol Addiction

  •  Caffeine Addiction

  •  Cannabis Addiction

  •  Cocaine Addiction

  • Compulsive Spending

  • Freedom from Drugs;

  • Gambling Addiction;

  • Mobile Phone usage

  • Sex Addiction;

  • Sugar Addiction;

  • Chocolate Addiction

  • TV Addiction